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Name: Diaconu Alexandru

Date of birth: 19 December 1987

Age: 22

Height: 186 cm

Hands span: 198 cm

Weight: 62 kg

Shoes number: EUR  44

Clothing size: S.T – M.T

Mind over matter

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In triathlon every thing comes down to a few lines which contain the ability of the human body to act and react at the opportune moment and to be able to make the right move in a critical point of the race for winning it!

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Names, distances and My best times.

  • Sprint Triathlon

750 m swim  –   20 km bike  –   5 km run

Best times:

750 m swim – 9’45”

20 km bike  – 29’05”

5 km run   – 15’49”

  • Olympic Triathlon

1500 m swim –   40 km bike  –  10 km run

Best times:

1500 m swim – 19’28”

40 km bike  – 53’27”

10 km run   – 31’54”

  • Half-Ironman Triathlon

1900 m swim –   90 km bike  – 21.1 km run

Best times:

1900 m swim – 25’30”

90 km bike – 2h36’12”

21.1 km run – 1h16’42”

  • Ironman Triathlon

3800 m swim – 180 km bike – 42.2 km run

Best times:

3800 m swim – 55’22” -National Record

180 km bike  – 4h38’25”

42.2 km run  – 2h42’03”

My short story

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First romanian that has ever attended a Triathlon Word Championship!

My name is Alexandru Diaconu, I am component of the Romanian Sprint-Olympic-HalfIronman-Ironamn Triathlon Team and six time National Champion at Duathlon, Triathlon and Marathon.

In 2003 I see at TV a triathlon competition and immediate I become fascinated and  interested in this sport.A few week’s later I bot my self a nice colored bike with junk parts  and I started to pedal on the city street’s and sprinting at the yellow traffic light. Afterwards I was running round the block and the swim was a total pleasure because I was dabble in the swimming pool.That was my mental conception of training hard for a race.After several week’s of  –intense training– I subscribed my self at my first olympic triathlon challange where I was desqalified because I made hypotermia and the lifeboat pull my out of the cold water.I was very desolated!

After that people started to laugh of my and I became ashame, that was the point where I told my self this–If you are ashame now, it is very good because you don’t like it and if you don’t want this thing to repeat you should start training much harder.–Second day after the race I was going to swim lesson and I started to search on the internet a few more information about triathlon training.That was the moment when  I started to find out about Ironman and become the dream of my life.

In this time I trained my self a little bit harder and participated to other competitions and even winning some of the local races.The 2006 year was the point where I won my first two titles of National Champion.After that I became much more interested on this sport.

2007 was the year where I finished my first Ironman race in 12hours17minutes. In 2008 I finished my second Ironman race in 10hours43minutes, but the culmination of my Ironman quest was in 2009 when I succeeded to cross the finish line with muscle cramps in all my body in 9hours58minutes.The joy was overwhelming!

In 2010 I changed my race strategy, focusing on the olympic distance and started thinking at the London Olympic Games in 2012, after pulling out a 1hour49minutes on the Hungary National Olympic Triathlon Championship.After that I race a few more competitions with good times including Budapest Olympic Grand Final at the age grup M20-24, where I ranked 19 with 1hour54minutes.

Now I’m training and hoping to have the possibility to compete in the London Olympic Games.