Competitionals Results

Competitions. Results


  • 1’st place– Puma Race Bucharest
  • 3’rd place– High school Race
  • 17 place– National Championship Of Cross–Open Masculine
  • 6’th place– Cora Race –Open Masculine
  • 6’th place– Bucharest City Marathon — Open Relay
  • 10’th place– Balcanic Triathlon Championship -Open Masculine
  • 19 place    — Budapest Olympic Word Triathlon Grand Final -M20-24

First romanian that has ever attended a Triathlon Word Championship!

  • 45 place   — National Championship of  Half-maraton-Open Masculine
  • 1’st place   –National Triathlon Championship —New Course Record
  • 4’th place  –Tri-Aluta Cup-Open Masculin
  • 1st place     Cup HaromszekTriatlon -Open Masculine
  • 1’st place   –Cup HaromszekTriatlon Relay
  • 1st place    —Xsalt triathlon –Open Masculine–Course Record
  • 3’rd place  — Xsalt triathlon Relay
  • 1st place    —Bioeel triathlon–Open Masculine–Course Record
  • 1’st place  –Bioeel triathlon Relay
  • 2nd place   —Sprint Triathlon Serbia –Open Masculine
  • 8th place   —Olympic Triathlon Serbia-Open Masculin
  • 5’th place  — Mini Triathlon Relay Serbia
  • 19 place    — National Athletic Championship 10km-Open Masculin
  • 1st place      — Triatlon Fara Asfalt –Open Masculin–Course Record
  • 1st place      — Ironman Oradea —Open Masculin–Course Record
  • 1’st place   — Ironman Oradea Relay
  • 1st place      —BalatonFured Triathlon Cup—Open masculin–New National Record
  • 2’nd place –24 houre Swim Marathon Relay
  • 24 place  –EcoMarathon –Open Masculine
  • 1’st place   Duathlon SfantuGheorghe
  • 2nd place  — National Championship of Duatlon-seniors
  • 2nd place -–Olympic Day’s of Romania
  • 3rd place   — The final of University Athletics
  • 54th place -–Roma Marathon
  • 1st place    -–Halfmarathon Piatra Mare–Open Masculine–New Course Record
  • 25  place   — Touring Ski –Open Masculine


  • 3rd place  —-National Championship Montainbike-Crosscountry-seniors
  • 3rd place  —-National Triathlon Olimpic selection seniors
  • 1st place  —-National Championship of Duatlon-seniors
  • 2nd place —-National Championship of Marathon
  • 9th place  —-National Championship of Halfmaraton
  • 4th place  —-Ironman Hungaria-U25 9h58`38“

New National swim record in Ironman distance—55minutes 22seconds

  • 1st place    ––Winter Athletics Cup 3000m
  • 1st place     – Winter Athletics Cup 1500m
  • 1st place      –Race 1 Decembrie
  • 3rd place       -TriathlonChallangeMamaia
  • 2nd place      -AlutaTriatlon
  • 2nd place     – Cup HaromszekTriatlon
  • 2nd place      -HalfmarathonSfantuGheorghe
  • 1st place      –Race ,,Runn for sick People,,
  • 1st place       -HalfmarathonTusnad
  • 3rd place     – Local Triathlon Championship
  • 4th place     –Zarnesti Days Cicling
  • 1st place      -Duathlon SfantuGheorghe
  • 2nd place     -HalfmarathonPiatraMare
  • 1st place     –Municipal Championship 3000m


  • 3rd place —- National Championship Of Montain Running
  • 1st place  —- National Championship of Maraton with team
  • 5th place  —- National Championship of Maraton individual
  • 3rd place —- Ironman Ungaria-U25 –10hours 43minutes 36seconds
  • 10th place –   IronMan70.3 Austria-U25
  • 8th place —-Balcanic montain running Championship-U25
  • 1st place      – Winter Athletics Cup 3000metri
  • 1st place       -Race Sf.Niclolas
  • 1st place       -Race 1December
  • 7th place       -Frendship Race
  • 5th place       -Duathlon Brasov Citadel
  • 2nd place     – Local Triathlon Championship
  • 3rd place       -HalfmarathonSfantuGheorghe
  • 1st place       -MarathonDHL
  • 1st place       -CupTransilvania swim
  • 1st place      –Sugas Race


  • 5th place —- Ironman Ungaria-U25
  • 3rd place —- National Championship of Triatlon -seniors
  • 1st place —- National Championship of Duatlon-juniors
  • 7th place —- National Championship of Maraton individual
  • 2nd place  —-CupHaromszekTriatlon
  • 3rd place   —-HalfmarathonSfantuGheorghe
  • 2nd place  —-MarathonDHL
  • 1st place  —–McDonalds Race
  • 1st place   ––Olimpic Day Race
  • 1st place –     Cup 1 june
  • 3rd place-     Hihgschool race –Local categori
  • 1st place –    Highschool race-Town categori


  • 8th place —-Balcanic Championship Triatlon Olimpic Macedonia-juniors
  • 1st place —- National Championship of Triatlon-juniors
  • 1st place —- National Championship of Duatlon-juniors
  • 1st place –     Race ,,in town without a car,,-Cicling
  • 1st place –    Race ,,in town without a car,,-Athletics
  • 4th place –    Cup HaromszekTriatlon
  • 2nd place –    Triatlonul Helvetica Profarm
  • 1st place –    Halfmarathon SfantuGheroghe
  • 2nd place –   Marathon DHL
  • 4th place-      Duathlon SfantuGheorghe
  • 2nd place –    Duatlon JoyBike


  • 4th place—- National Championship of Triatlon-juniors
    • 1st place     –Duathlon SfantuGheorghe


  • 8th place—- National Championship of Triatlon-juniors

Lower you can find a few link’s which certcertify my results:



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